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Book Review: Human For A Day

Human For A Day edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Jennifer Brozek

After the disappointments that were 'Boondocks Fantasy', 'Zombiesque', 'After Hours: Tales from the Ur-Bar' and 'Prom Night', this is a wonderful DAW anthology about what it means to be human.

The Mainspring of his Heart, The Shackles of his Soul
A robot wants to become human in this good story.

The Blade of the Plow
Longinus lives for a very, very long time after Calvary in this good story.

Cinderella City
The incarnate city of San Francisco has to stop a nutjob's evil plan in this extremely funny tale.

A misguided woman approaches the banshee. Okay.

The Sentry
A dead solider returns to life. Okay.

Mortal Mix-Up
A magic spell leads to a vampire and a stupid teenager swapping bodies.

Best Line:
"Based on the jumbled clothing I kept examining and discarding, Margot evidently aspired to be a streetwalker when she finished school and habitually dressed herself in eager anticipation of entering that profession."

The Destroyer
An old woman lives happily with her pet cats. Then one day an evil man comes. He kills the old woman, steals her house and tries to kill her beloved pets. But justice will be served by tooth and claw. This is good.

Into the Nth Dimension
A superhero and his sidekick are sent from a comic book into the real world. Okay.

A woman is trapped in a mine after a cave in and no-one is coming to save her. Sad.
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