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Prison Break 4x12 Review


Michael and co are caught by the General. Only it turns out that they have caught him. Getting caught was all part of Michael's latest byzantine plan. T-Bag and Gretchen take GATE hostage and shoot the place up. T-Bag is annoyed as he was enjoying life as Cole, respectable member of the community. Sara takes Lisa hostage, she turns out to be the General's other daughter.

The General gloats that Aldo lied to his kids about what he did for the Company. He was an assassin, just like the late unlamented Wyatt. But Lincoln and co are gloating because they have Scylla. They seem to overlook the General's hints that Scylla is not what they think it is.

However as they wait and wait for their new lives to begin it very slowly dawns on them, that they're just part of someone else's byzantine long con plan. Self has played them. He has Scylla, he's killed Trishanne, betrayed his bosses and left the gang with nothing. Oh Self, what have you done? I'm looking forward to seeing what he does next seeing as season 4 is the last season 'Prison Break'.

Self's a bad, bad man and Michael did not see this coming. But what is Self's motive for this long con? What are his plans now? Won't Michael and co as well as his bosses be after him for this?
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