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Book Reviews: The Dragon Arcana + Black Tide

The Dragon Arcana by Pierre Pevel

The 3rd in the series after 'The Cardinal's Blades' and 'The Alchemist in the Shadows' is mediocre. Boring stuff happens, there is a summation of what has just happened, more boring stuff happens, another summation etc. The text reads as though it was translated from the original French through google.

It is all so dull: people die, dragons plot and I didn't care about any of it. This book is just tiresome which is a shame as books 1&2 were very good.

Black Tide by Del Stone Jr

Fred a professor, his student Heather and her obnoxious belligerent moron boyfriend Scotty visit a tiny island in the Florida Keys to study it. Very quickly after they arrive a mist rise out of the water and the trio can hear screaming from the distant banks. In desperation they bury themselves in the sand to escape the effects.

When they emerge it is to a changed world. It is silent and those effected by the mist have been terribly changed. The trio attempt to escape and it goes badly for them. This novella is a good bleak read. It's short but well worth it.
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