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Trailers and Things

Read reaction to 'Being Human' 4x01 and I had to laugh. They whacked the show killer. Too late though BBC. Way, way too late.

'The Avengers' promo
The heroes standing in a circle? Oh yes.

'The Kindred' (1987) trailer
This Lovecraft inspired horror about a squid monster looks okay.

There will be no review of 'The Ruins of Ambrai'.

'Being Human' Quote:
"Even McNair gave me a name and he ate me parents."

I like Madonna's new video for 'Give Me All Your Lovin'

I am reading 'Lace'.

'Transylvania Twist' Quotes:
"He's a friend."
"Of anyone in particular or just generally well liked?"

"She died in the madhouse."
"Is that hereditary?"

"You see we do not get too many visitors to the castle."
"Difficult to imagine why."

"I see the chandelier has fallen again. It always does that when we have guests."

"What is that?"
"A rubber bat. We keep them down here for atmosphere."

"He didn't take that very well did he?"

"I'll be back in part 2!"

"What are you doing here?"
"Merely standing here ominously."

"His hobbies include stamp collecting, leather craft and necrophilia."

"I'm here with three homicidal cousins, one lumbering butler and an uncle who turns off the television with a bazooka launcher."

"Why would you want to do that?"
"Because I'm evil. Haven't you figured that out yet?"
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