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The Man From Uncle (1964-1968) 2x04 Review

The Foxes and Hounds Affair
If Illya Kruyakin (David McCallum) is Russian, why does he have an English accent? He's yummy though. A magician invents a mind reading machine and THRUSH want it. A THRUSH baddie (Vincent Price) tries to steal it while the magician's extremely irritating assistant Mimi screams and talks way too much.

Why is a mind reading machine being demonstrated in a cheap ass night club anyway? Illya heads back to UNCLE while another agent flies on the world's slowest plane while carrying the machine. How did Illya get back to UNCLE so fast? The smarmy but lovable sex maniac letch Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) shows up to get himself and Mimi kidnapped by THRUSH.

Waverly the UNCLE boss who has William Shatner line readings and looks like something dug up lurches around the set. Illya's Russian accent only shows up faintly now and again, but he is so cute. Now he's so old on 'NCIS'.

This is considered the best ep of season 2? Mimi won't stop talking, Solo and eventually Illya get tied up and drugged. Solo tells Illya to fight the drugs and "think of girls". Going by the large amount of fanfic for this show, I don't think that'll work. Vincent Price's character is accused of having had a facelift.

There is bad, bad acting but one can overlook that as Illya poses and looks pretty. The other agent finally shows up, there's a fight and Mimi makes dates with Illya and Solo. This was okay but very, very 1960's.

Best Lines:
"Farewell to subtly."

"Get thee gone varlet."

"Out with you Raffles."

"Napoleon, waterloo is upon you."

“My distinctive dislike for that young man is growing into a sincere and honest hatred,”

"I don't like you very much."

"We could make one of our daring, resourceful and nauseatingly punctual escapes. If only the door weren't locked."
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