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Movie Review: After Midnight (1989)

A college psychology of fear class is being taught by a nut who invites some students back to his house for a private lesson. The students tell stories. Story 1 is 'The Old Dark House' in which a couple break down near the title abode and it all goes horribly wrong due to the dumbest idea ever for a suprise party. Story number 2 is 'A Night on the Town' in which a group of bimbos who can't act get chased by killer dogs. Then comes story number 3 'All Night Messenger' which centres on outdated technology.

Then the teacher turns out to be a demon or something or is it all just a dream? This film is boring, awful, moronic and horrible with bad, bad, bad acting.

Best Lines:
"Well if it's such an old story, then how come no-one ever wants to live there?"
"Maybe the plumbings bad."
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