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Survivors 1x02 Reviewed

The world has been devastated by the vast killer plague. Civilisation is destroyed and great cities decimated. Yet somehow the survivors instead of being embattled or desperately seeking safety, are treating it like a great party time. Abby and co have somehow found a mansion to shack up at while they go on foraging missions. They are confronted by an armed gang and food hoarders and yet this was a boring episode. The show is not bleak enough. The intrusive musical score does not help as it sounds like Abby and co have an orchestra following them around. A new member joins Abby's gang, Sarah.

Meanwhile an unlucky scavenger stumbles into the parking lot belonging to the bunker scientists. Why the poor sod didn't wonder why the parking lot was full of cars remains unanswered. This show is a letdown, it is not helped by the fact that the mystery of the bunker scientists is more interesting than Abby and co.
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