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No Ordinary Family (2010) 1x01 Review

No Ordinary Pilot

A family go on a trip to Brazil, get into a plane crash and make it home with super powers. The husband Jim (Michael Chiklis) is a police sketch artist who moans, his wife Stephanie (Julie Benz) is a research scientist who whines and their kids JJ and Daphne are brats.

Jim gets super strong and goes out super-heroing with the help of his best friend George who is a DA who never goes to work. Stephanie gets super speed. JJ gets super smart and Daphne can read minds. But they aren't the only heroes out there which is good as Stephanie's boss Dr King (Stephen Collins) is EVIL. This was okay but everything that came after was crap. Yet this got 20 eps and 'The Cape' only got 10. Yeah, I'm bitter.

Best Line:
"I have a lair, with wifi."
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