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Psych 5x08 Reviewed

Shawn 2.0

I am not a regular viewer of this show. Shawn the moron lead/fake psychic comes up against a criminal profiler (Nestor Carbonell) and jealously erupts. There's a serial poisoner, a guy from 'Tears For Fears' lurking, an evil twin and some nice comedy. This was okay but the theme song is AWFUL. I saw the promo for 5x12 which is a 'Twin Peaks' homage and I have to say: that is not the entire cast of 'Twin Peaks'.

Best Lines:
"You bring in this hacky profiler with the world's worst name and the most impossibly dark eyelashes on any man ever."

"Not the most sympathetic defense."

"Before you start your legally questionable interrogation technique..."
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