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Movie Review: Final Stab (2001)

This ‘Scream’ knock off is cheap looking; full of bad acting and populated by gormless pretty people but it is also a good enjoyable film. Kristen is planning a party for her estranged sister sweet Angela (Melissa Renee Martin) and her misunderstood boyfriend Charlie (Jamie Gannon). Kristen and her mean people posse hate Charlie and the party is actually a plan to get rid of him.

Kristen (Erinn Carter) is mean and is blackmailing the hot Doug (Chris Boyd). The rest of her idiot posse go along with the plan to scare Charlie by staging fake murders because they’re morons. Charlie’s parents were killed by an escaped mental patient with an axe years ago and he’s mentally fragile so Kristen plans to send Charlie back to the nut house once and for all.

Angela and Charlie show up at the party thinking Kristen wants to be nice to them. Doug is apologetic about his part in the deception but the rest of Kristen’s meatball posse think it’s funny. The fake murder is staged, Charlie runs off and the morons utter hilarious dialogue.

These people apparently all attended an Ivy League College together. Yet they don't notice that a real killer is running around knocking off the party goers and some passing inbred rurals. As the bodies pile up it becomes clear there is more to Kristen’s plan then she has so far revealed. Kristen hates Charlie because she threw herself at him and he rejected her and she hates him some more because Charlie and Doug had a relationship in college.

I wonder if the makers of ‘Harper’s Island’ saw this. The identity of the killer or killers is left a bit ambiguous. This was good.

Best Lines:
“That elaborate business venture of yours. The one that’s legal for a change.”

“The locals almost burned it down twice in the last five years. They think it’s cursed. Or haunted.”
“So you naturally went and bought the place.”

“I hate nature.”

“Ever see ‘Halloween’, ‘Friday the 13th’? See the beer drinking jock, you, usually gets an axe in the crotch while he does a headstand.”

“But if there’s no phones, why the hell would we split up to go look for one?”

“Run around this dump playing ‘Scream’ all night.”

“Why do we hang out with her again?”

“I’ve seen bus stations more sanitary than this place.”

“I had no idea it would set off your homicidal tendencies. Whoops.”

“Psycho boy.”
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