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Motherlove (1989) Part 3 Reviewed

It finally ends. Alex whines that he can’t visit his son in hospital. If Alex had insisted on Helena knowing the truth and got her the help she badly needs, none of this would have happened. Jordan and her bizarre fake American accent talks too much. Emily is dating her college lecturer Boris. Not surprisingly Boris’ daughter Olivia hates Emily.

Helena is onto Angela and gives big movie villain speeches to the comatose Kit. She apparently is his only visitor. The crass Angela tells one lie too many and Helena learns the truth. Helena does hilarious fake vomiting and studies a book entitled ‘A History of Criminal Toxicology’.

Helena plans an elaborate revenge via poisoned marzipan on the smug and self satisfied Vesey clan. Alex throws a party where no-one seems to care about the comatose Kit. Olivia is unsupervised leading to tragedy and the smug, awful Vesey’s don’t care.

Helena rants like the madwoman she is, mangles Poe and goes full tilt large ham. Helena’s final unravelling is somewhat undercut by the unfortunate fact Diana Rigg’s blouse is see-through.

The Vesey’s are stupid. No one wonders about George and Ruth’s murder. No police show up to the party. Emily is callous and there is no tension as the Vesey’s are all so stupid and rude. This started out okay but comes to a ridiculous ending and the acting was terrible.

Best Lines:
“Vesey and his American whore and their little American bastards.”

“What a bare faced little liar you are.”

“Pussycat’s bastards are going to poison the American whore’s bastards.”

“There is an uninvited guest in their midst and his name is death. And at Vesey’s feast there are two uninvited guests and their names are Mr Giraffe and Mr Tiger.”

“That was one of Vesey’s bastards but she said she knew you.”
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