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The Fades Review Part 3

Episode Four
Paul’s comatose and his fade is walking around being dumb. Jay pulls faces. John the evil fade is reborn and runs around naked, gurning and killing people. Mac is insensitive. Neil gets a knife. Paul is self righteous and stupid.

John the unscary annoying big bad pulls faces, twitches and vomits. This show is ‘Demons’ all over again. If fades can’t touch, how can they drink blood and eat flesh? Why does Paul listen to John and betray the angelics? Did World War 2 break ascension?

Neill feeds Sarah blood so she can be reborn, Paul gets angelics killed but he returns to life because he’s special. This was awful, awful, awful and stupid, stupid, stupid.

Best Lines:
“Drugs is it?”

“Paul is brain dead.”

Episode Five
What is the point of Mac? The missing person’s epidemic causes mass panic. Paul’s vile twin sister Anna is now in the know. Paul’s glib about what is going on, too glib. Some angelics still think Paul is special. Why? He betrayed them and got some of them killed. Neill says: “The boy’s a joke.” He is right.

Paul is stupid some more. Sarah wanders around looking wan and sides with John who killed her back in ep one. Anna’s dumb and an army of reborns attack. Jay is useless. This was stupid. Paul is massively stupid and self righteous. He acts like king snot to Neill and this sets Neil off.

Episode Six
Most people have left town. The reborns strike poses and bore. John declares they have won, won what exactly? Why didn’t John kill Paul when he had the chance? Paul is self-centred and what is the point of Jay? There was more drama on ‘Hollyoaks’ when Brendan beat up Ste yet again.

The Fades’ is a redo of ‘Smallville’. Paul is Clark the moron with superpowers, Mac is Pete the idiot friend, Jay is Lana the useless love interest and Anna is Chloe the blonde twit. If this crap gets a series 2, the BBC charter should be revoked.

Mark (Tom Ellis of ‘Doctor Who’) shags his reborn wife and then runs off with a skank. Mac taunts Neil, John talks too much, Jay is dumb. Paul is stupid and will not listen to Neil so Neil shoots someone in the head.

Paul being a smug, stupid, betraying, lying, sanctimonious git led to this and I loathe him. John whines some more. Paul decides to get rid of all reborns and fades by reopening ascension which he does in some stupid, cheesy SFX. But guess what? Neil was right all along, don’t mess with ascension. The sky turns red, Mac blathers, Paul wails and this was crap.

If Paul had listened to Neil back in ep 1 instead of being a smug, selfish moron – NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED. Paul needs a good kicking.
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