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Book Reviews: Daring + Electric Barracuda

Kris Longknife: Daring by Mike Shepherd

The 9th 'Kris Longknife' book sees Kris lead a Fleet of Discovery. The Fleet quickly runs into mysterious and extremely hostile aliens. The threat level rise when the Fleet find evidence that the hostile aliens not only wiped out one alien race, they are en route to do the same to yet another alien race.

Kris makes the decision to protect the endangered race knowing she is about to start a war with unknown aliens. This changes everything. This is a good book that promises many changes are in store. Who are the hostile aliens and why are they so utterly genocidal? This action packed adventure is far superior to the dreadful 'Honor Harrington' novels.

Electric Barracuda by Tim Dorsey

The 13th 'Serge Storms' novel sees the vigilante Serge (earlier novels said he was a serial killer) and his trusty sidekick Coleman go on yet another Florida road trip. Serge is doing a travel advice blog with a gimmick - how to experience Florida as a fugitive.

A three man taskforce have finally located Serge and they are closing in. Along the way old faces make return appearances, a corrupt lawyer plots and Al Capone left something in the glades back in 1929. Serge is as funny and insane as ever.
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