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Trailers & Things

'Alcatraz' 1x03 promo
WTF is this show about and why should I care?

'Homeland' 1x03 promo
"It's getting weird" - you don't say.

'Luck' promo
Looks good but am I the only one thinking this is just 'Wildfire' with adults?

'Chronicle' trailer
Mmmm, looks better than 'The Grey'.

'Journey 2' trailer
Ohh hell no.

'Being Human' series 4 trailer
Enough, they're all thick we get it.

'Coronation Street' Quote:
"He chose her, so he can have her."

I want to read 'Strange Stars and Alien Shadows', 'The Don Sebastain Vampire Chronicles', 'America Pacifica', 'Fated', 'Anna Dressed In Blood', 'Hatchett and Lycett', 'Raise the Dawn', 'Imaginary Girls' and 'This Is Not A Test'.
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