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Jericho Season 1 Review, part 3

One Man's Terrorist
The refugee problems reach crisis point. Gray decides to kick the refugees out of Jericho. What about Mimi or Kenchy? Roger creates a hostage situation. Mrs Green saves the day. Hawkins is off in the boring conspiracy plot. Dale and Skylar annoy. Roger is kicked off the show so the unwanted Jake/Emily pairing can go on. Not one of the better eps.

Jake has Hawkins at gunpoint wanting THE TRUTH. Mimi cleans her nails with an axe. Hawkins spills all his truth. But in the more interesting plot, Mimi had an axe! Dull.

Casus Belli
Jake and Hawkins learn New Bern is preparing to for war on Jericho. Meanwhile Stanley returns to Jericho. New Bern is a crapsack town and who do they blame? Jericho. And maybe, just maybe they have a point. This was okay. Where did Bonnie's man candy Sean go in season 2?

One If by Land

Hawkins and Johnston have to rescue Jake, Eric and Maggie from New Bern. This was good. Skylar lords her power over people by making them beg for food. New Bern bullies beat up on Eric and Jake. Maggie is one of the faux marines and they tried the same stunt in New Bern that they did in Jericho. Only it didn't go so well for them this time. The New Bern mayor war mongers, Maggie is shot and is never seen again after this ep.

Coalition of the Willing
New Bern bombs Jericho. Jonah shows up. Jericho forms a milita, about frigging time. I didn't like the war with New Bern plot line. This was okay.

Why We Fight

War with New Bern erupts. Heather is in Camp Liberty and sees the new flag. Jake has flashbacks to Eric and April's wedding. No wonder he left, his family treated him like crap. Johnstone dies. Colonel Hoffman (Titus Welliver) hangs around, thankfully we got the far more interesting Major Beck in season 2. It is mentioned there's a President now and we'd meet him in season 2. What became of Roger? What happened to Black Jack? This was good but thankfully the New Bern war was ended in season 2 via napalm.
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