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Retro Review: Hex (2004 - 2005)

Sky1's short lived 'Buffy' knockoff set at a school where Azazeal (Michael Fassbender) is lurking and having sex gets you killed.

Bloody Hell.

Series 1

The Story Begins
The opening scene is set in the 18th century and has Rachel McBain liking magic. The entire McBain plot made no sense and was dropped after series 1. In the present day Cassie is a student at Medenham Hall a boarding school for the rich and thick. Cassie's only friend is Thelma who she mistreats. Cassie finds an urn and gets magic powers. Thelma is killed by fallen angel Azazeal. Thelma returns as a ghost. Despite all that, this was boring.

Life Goes On
Thelma haunts Cassie but Cassie is too busy throwing herself at moron man candy Troy to care. Nothing else happened in this crappy ep.

Deeper Into the Darkness
Azazeal turns Cassie evil. She was selfish, dumb, cruel and mean before so how can he tell the difference? This was okay.

Cassie is mean to Thelma and throws herself at Azazeal. Troy's sidekick Leon lurks. Cassie and Azazeal do it. Thelma somehow figures out how to turn Cassie good again. This was okay.

The Release
Thelma meets another ghost and learns Azazeal has a long history of shagging mortal women and it always ends badly. Cassie is pregnant. Azazeal corrupts Cassie's English teacher Jo. Thelma learns that the birth of Cassie's child will release all the fallen angels. Cassie does not know what to do but Azazeal does. A bad ep but the twist is good.

Series 2


Cassie learns her baby is alive. New girl Ella Dee arrives and her job is to kill Azazeal's progeny. Troy has vanished from the show. Jo is babysitting Cassie's son. Azazeal names his baby antichrist son Malachi. Cassie's friend Felix is killed, nobody cares. This was good.

Death Takes the Mother
Ella, Thelma and Cassie plot to steal Cassie's baby from Azazeal so Ella can kill it. Azazeal reacts badly then Cassie does it with Azazeal again despite everything and so changes her mind and things get tragic. This was excellent but poor stupid Cassie.

Best Lines:
"Do you think he's warm enough?"
"Believe me, where he's going he'll be warm enough."

Time has passed and Cassie's classmates are taking bets as she when she'll be found dead in a ditch. Thelma is grieving, Azazeal is plotting and Ella plays Leon. This was good. Is Ella supposed to be the daughter of John Dee? Jo ends up catatonic, Thelma trusts Azazeal and school mean girl Roxanne is doing it with yet another fallen angel Jez.

Ella Burns
Azazeal torments Ella by making her relive the witch trial she went through in 1666. Jez (who is posing as a priest) says Ella must be sectioned and so men in white coats drag Ella kicking and screaming out of the school, toss her in an ambulance and drive her off to the loony bin as she bangs on the ambulance doors. Somehow the headmaster sees nothing wrong with this. This was good and really unsettling.

With a Little Help from My Friends part 1
Thelma has to enlist Leon's help to get Ella out of the loony bin. Meanwhile Ella is injected with St Johns Wort by an evil fairy pretending to be a nurse. St Johns Wort block her magic powers. The press finally take an interest in all the dead and missing students, comatose teachers and questionable sectioning going on at the school. So the headmaster resigns in regret over what he allowed happen to Ella. Jez is now headmaster. Can Ella be saved before she really goes insane? This was good.

With a Little Help from My Friends part 2
Ella's lost her powers and her eternal youth. The grown up Malachi shows up to appall dear old dad. Malachi bangs the evil fairy. Leon has a good cry over all the weirdness. Ella kills the evil fairy. This wasn't good at all.

Ella returns to school to get revenge on Jez. But Malachi is the new boy in school. Azazeal gives up on the brat he spawned on the dead bimbo and leaves to do 'XMen: First Class' and 'Hay Wire'. Ella and Thelma lurk in the school's secret passageways so Thelma can tape Roxanne and Jez getting it on. Ella kills Jez as Malachi watches. The former headmaster, David, returns. The tape of Roxanne and Jez is 'leaked' and Roxanne is despised as everyone thinks she drove Jez to 'suicide'. Ella tries to kill Malachi but falters when he pulls the "You murdered my mother" act. This was very good plus bonus points for Ella showing guilt over Cassie's death.

Where the Heart Is
Ella goes on a date with Malachi to Berlin. Malachi kills a girl named Maya so Thelma can have a ghost girlfriend. Leon is mistreated. Ella and Malachi make out and this was a dreadful ep.

Ella and Malachi make out some more and then get it on. David seems to know what is going on. Thelma is selfish. Malachi keeps showing off his torso but no-one cares. Roxanne has left the school in disgrace. This was awful. Ella knows Malachi is the anti-christ. Did her brain fall out or something?

You Lose
Ella is now literally Malachi's loveslave. Shagging him did made her lose her mind, forget her slayer duties and lose her magic. And guess what? It was Malachi's plan all along. Leon decides Malachi has to die. Thelma betrays Leon and Ella as she is desperate to keep Maya but then does the right thing. Roxanne returns and everyone still hates her. This was good.

Malachi is creating his own cult and has most of the school under his sway. Jo returns and she's a loyal follower of Malachi. So loyal that she has a threesome with Malachi and Alex. Ew. Roxanne finds God and becomes a nice person, nobody cares. Ella gets rid of Maya. Leon tries to kill Alex and fails. Ella and Thelma are still on the outs and it is a shame this didn't make it to a third series.

Seven Deadly Sins
Ella kills Imogene, Jo plots to get rid of David, Malachi is all out evil and tricks Leon into going dark side. Swiftly Leon poisons Ella with St John's Wort, ties her to a bed and starts cutting. This was very good, I liked evil Leon.

Best Lines:
"You know I can't be killed by human hands."
"Oh don't worry. I'm not human anymore."

The Showdown
Malachi has big plans for the end of term party. He is going to bring about the End of Days and only Ella, Thelma, Roxanne and Leon stand in his way. Or do they? Ella turns Leon good again, Thelma appears to Roxanne to get her to help stop Malachi and Ella fights Malachi. Ella loses. Leon and Thelma try to save Ella and forget all about Roxanne. Malachi sacrifices Roxanne to bring about the End Days. The school burns down, Malachi wins, Ella is bleeding to death and Leon and Thelma have no clue what to do. Oh and the End is Nigh. And that is where the show ends. This was very good.

Best Lines:
"It's like some freak cult down there."

"What exactly does Malachi want?"
"Apart from a good slap you mean?"
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