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Motherlove (1989) Part 2 Reviewed

Ruth’s dead and it could have been avoided if George has caller ID. The police show up and Ruth’s brat Emily is shrill and dumb. There is a plethora of bad acting is this part 2. George lies badly to the police. The whole thing could have been wrapped up if the police had checked phone records.

Alex doesn’t co-operate with the police and calls George “slightly retarded”, Alex comes across as a massive jerk in this miniseries. In the book he was easier to empathise with. George confesses to Ruth’s murder, surely the confession would not be legal.

Angela and her loo brush hair annoys, whines and has another baby. George is tried, convicted and jailed very quickly. Helena acts suspiciously, no-one pays attention. Alex goes to a party and meets US actress Jordan. They shack up together. Ruth’s been horribly murdered, Alex moves on very quickly and yet Ruth’s kids adore Jordan and seemingly forget their mother and her terrible fate.

Alex marries Jordan and her bad US accent. Angela broods, rants about lying and ignores Kit. Jordan has twins. George likes prison. Years pass in the blink of an eye. Kit has a brain tumour and the operation to remove it goes awry. Helena turns against Angela and it’ll all end in tears. This was not good. The acting and scripting were awful and the characters are all massive jerks.

Alex is a burk, Angela is a shrill nag, Jordan throws away her international film star career to wait on Alex and Helena is obviously mental and nobody cares. Why should I care about any of these people? There is only one part left to resolve all this.
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