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Sherlock 2x03 Reviewed

The Reichenbach Fall

I HATED this. I miss the manipulative clingy man child Sherlock and his abuser/enabler dynamic with John. Moriarty gurns and overacts during his quick trial. There is a nice soundtrack which is about the only positive.

Sherlock annoys people, Moriarty is a terrible actor and Kitty Reilly is an evil reporter. Morarity has omnipotent powers and uses them to make people think Sherlock is a psycho who invented Morarity. Donovan annoys as the police turn on Sherlock with extreme rapidity as Sherlock is utterly discredited.

This was stupid, stupid, stupid & awful, awful, awful. Mycroft annoys, Watson is dumb. This was ridiculous. WTF was the ending? Moriarty wins, Sherlock is a cruel jackass and I felt ANGRY watching this loathesome piece of crap.

Best Lines:
"You and John Watson, just platonic?"

"You repel me."
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