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Book Reviews: The Hellfire Club + The Ritual

Kato Origins Volume Two: The Hellfire Club written by Jai Nitz

The Hellfire Club caters to rich perverts, Kato goes undercover as a Prince of Siam. The art isn't great and the characters, clothes and hairdos don't look very 1940's. There is a murder at the Hellfire Club and Kato wants justice. Rich deviants get theirs and Britt Reid and his Saks 5th Avenue dress sense only cameos. This was okay.

Best Lines:
"The rules of decent society do not apply within these walls."

"Costumed vigilante aside. I still don't believe what I'm seeing."

"Mercy does not forestall all violence and maiming."

"Did we really need to stop the presses?"
"Please did you not enjoy giving that command?"

The Ritual by Adam Nevill
Four men go on a reunion hiking trip in Sweden. They aren't actually friends anymore, are unfit and decide to take a short cut. They get lost in the woods and 'Blair Witch' stuff ensues. For the 1st half this is a wonderfully creepy story but the 2nd half is so bad, it destroys all goodwill. An utter misfire from the author of the wonderful 'Apartment 16'.

Best Line:
"They were currently lost inside a forest that contained an undiscovered 4,000-year-old burial site."
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