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The Fades Review Part 2

Episode Two
This is not a horror show but some dreadful YOOF tv like 'Skins'. Helen the vicar is dead, the world is ending (again) and Paul dresses like a chav. Paul's stupid, Mark shags a skank while Sarah broods.

Paul is special and he's 17 even if he acts like a 4 year old. Two vile brats are eaten by Fades. Cannibal ghosts, I care not. Mac's dad is an inept cop. Paul moons over vapid popular girl Jay. Paul's vile sister Anna is vile. This dragged and would not end. This was boring, I don't care about Fades or the dead vicar.

Best Lines:
"I know you did that to Mr Newman's car."
"Just a scratch."
"It was a very offensive sentence."

"You talk like Gollum."

Episode Three
Paul's annoying shrink annoys, no-one listens to Mark and Paul is selfish. Anna annoys and Paul is selfish and STUPID some more. Mark's arrested for multiple murders. Paul has a hard time being grateful and is stupid and is run over by a truck because of said stupidity. This was awful.
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