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The Cape Review Part 3

The Lich Part 1
Vince broods over his family. Peter Fleming wants to buy a port but Orwell vows to thwart him for as is pointed out: Ark is the customs police. She decides to track down Conrad the missing heir to the land the port is built on. Meanwhile Vince deals with weird goings on involving neurotoxin.

The Cape talks to Marty who doesn’t know him. Marty betrays Vince again. The Lich rises and Orwell is in peril from him and his devoted nurse (Illeana Douglas). This was dreadful. The sole highlight of this ep was Peter and his DID alter Chess having a conversation.

Best Lines:
“Kill him.”
“Go away.”
“Kill them all.”

The Lich Part 2
A drugged Orwell hallucinates and we learn her real name is Jamie and that she is indeed Peter Fleming’s long lost daughter. The only question remains is: what happened to her mother?

The Lich plans to marry Orwell, his mad nurse and her bad plastic surgery is jealous and Peter Fleming the arch enemy only appears in this ep via hallucination. We get dramatic shotgun cocking, Dana is disrespected by the brat and The Cape meets Dana. For some bizarre reason Dana does not know her husband.

Everyone is stupid. The Lich copies the ‘Last Dance With Mary Jane’ music video with Orwell. Vince has to save the damsel in distress Orwell. Dana is left alone to deal with her snotty brat who runs the house. This was really dreadful.

Gang wars between Fleming and Scales disrupt the city. Vince is outraged because it endangers his son. The man has tunnel vision. Peter visits his doctor pal Samuel (Elliot Gould) who does indeed know about Chess. Samuel isn’t afraid of Chess.

It is confirmed that Peter Fleming has DID. But is Chess the alter? Or is it Peter? It seems Chess emerges at times of stress but at the end of ‘Dice’, Vince blew stuff up and threw Peter down a flight of stairs and Chess didn’t emerge until a good bit after that.

Samuel offers to help Peter because Peter is distressed by Chess chatting with him. But it seems Samuel isn’t really helping Peter at all because after Chess emerges to talk with Samuel it seems Samuel has his own agenda. Whoever’s side Samuel’s on, it isn’t Peter’s. Now this was interesting stuff. What could have been. Why does Peter have DID? What is Samuel up to? Does Peter suspect his friend?

The carnies continue to put on no shows. Scales and Fleming have a stare down. Dana has a good cry because she is useless. Orwell is going crazy due to PTSD from her Lich experience, Vince neither notices nor cares. Vince is self obsessed; James Frain is the highlight of this show.

Vince pretends to be an Australian hitman called Razer; he uses too much hair gel to show he is evil. Max sort of reveals that he has been playing Vince all along and mentions someone or something called Deveraux, we’ll never know who or what that was as there is only one ep left.

Vince is inept undercover. Vinnie Jones large hams it up even more than usual. Vinnie Jones CPR ad is hilarious. This was good. What became of Peter’s hologram computer from ep 2? Where did he get the Chess contacts?

Best Lines:
“It was thuggish, messy. Immediately I thought of you.”

“I’ve got a solider in the morgue with a head missing. You don’t know where it is, do you?”

“Chess used to be an amusement.”

“Tiny Tim had it coming.”

“A third rate hood like you.”

“How did you do a double wrap with the lights out?”


“I want out Peter, let me out.”

“When you’re quiet, that helps him. Don’t you want him happy? Don’t you want him playing? There are doors still locked to you. Doors you very much want to open. I have keys.”

“Always be honest with me. I can only tell you that once.”

The final ever ep which resolves nothing as the original order of 13 eps was cut to 10 and TPTB got to do zero tie-ups of anything. Still this show was worth watching for James Frain.

Orwell goes on losing her mind. Vince is dour. Vince has a video that shows Ark is corrupt. Peter sets Marty up to take the fall. Dana overacts and says she will defend Marty. Dana is useless. Marty confesses his sins and says he helped frame Vince because he is scared of Fleming: “The man is sick.”

Dana learns Peter Fleming is Chess. The Cape does not tell Dana who he is. Marty dies in a flurry of bad acting. Nothing changes. Marty has been framed for Fleming’s corruption, Vince is still framed, Dana still thinks her husband is dead and Peter Fleming has won. Though at his press conference at the end of the ep, one wonders if it was Chess in control. Fleming or is it Chess grins and declares: “It is a new day in Palm City.”

This was okay, The Cape achieved nothing really. It’s a downer ending topped with a the bad guy wins ending. Then again the bad guy(s) was James Frain and Vince was a perpetually dour charisma void so yeah, it’s actually a great ending. But all the plot arcs that were hinted at. This could have been great.
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