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Survivors Ep 1 Review

Can a new world arise from the ashes of the old?

A remake of the cult classic BBC series that ran from 1975 to 1977. A plague causes the global collapse of civilization by killing 90% of the world's population. Now a bare handful of survivors are left to somehow live in a near empty world. It sounds thrilling, unfortunately the execution of this first episode was a bit bland, overly glossy and too full of coincidences.

Yummy Mummy Abby is obsessing over her son Peter when she is struck by the virus. After days she wakes up after recovering only to find her husband and all her neighbours have died. So with no hesitation she starts stealing cars and ram raiding hospitals in search of her son who was in the wilderness on an outdoor adventure course.

Elsewhere an idiot playboy hangs out in a nightclub, which is still operating despite the fact that all public gatherings should have been stopped due to the serious 'flu' outbreak'. When the idiot playboy realises the world has essentially ended, he goes drunk driving, helps a kid in need and drives around some more while uttering funny lines to make the viewer like him.

Meanwhile Tom is a prisoner with only one facial expression. He gets out of jail, hooks up with two young people who he tries to menace. However they throw him out of their moving car and Tom is left lying on the road to no doubt decide that some self-actualisation is called for in his life. A passing doctor takes pity on him and helps him.

Then there is Greg, who seems to have an actual grip on what to do. He points out to the oblivious others that the cities are now uninhabitable by warning them of: "All the diseases that come of millions of unburied bodies."

By coincidence all the above mentioned characters join up near ep 1's end and have to decide what to do and where to go now. Then there comes the twist final scene, which shows a bunker full of scientists muttering ominously about work they have to do.

This ep was dull and populated by unsympathic characters. Everyone except for Greg, Anya the doctor and Neill (who threw Tom out of the car) are either shrieky, selfish or dumb. And as for the scientists in the bunker twist, all you can do is go: whhaaattt? This show was promised to us as being about a disparate group of people plunged into a nightmarish quasi-medieval post-apocalyptic world where they have to deal with the aftermath of the pandemic and the repercussions of the loss of their old world, face the grim realities of long term sustainable survival now the old certainties have gone forever and rebuild the world anew. And instead we get a conspiracy plot?
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