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Sherlock 2x02 Review

The Hounds of Baskerville

This was a vast improvement over last week's misfire. The only drawback to this ep was the git from 'Being Human' gurning and showing off his rotten acting. Henry Knight (the 'Being Human' git) comes up from Dartmoor to ask Sherlock and John to find the hound that killed his father 20 years ago on the moor.

Is the hound an escaped monster from an army weapons research lab or is it something else? Sherlock and John travel to Grimpen and learn the stories of the demon hound and are shown a huge paw print. This was creepy with a huge feeling of unease.

The duo get mistaken for a couple again, sneak around the Baskerville reasearch lab and explore the moor in the dead of night and see something. Sherlock has a crisis. John stumbles across doggers in a hilarious moment. John is described as Sherlock's "Live-in PA" and Sherlock says John is his only friend.

Lestrade shows up. The 'Being Human' git overacts, there is lens flare and Sherlock is an absolute jerk to John. The mystery is explained and there is a huge climax on the dark fog covered moor. This was very good but WTF was the final scene all about?

Best Lines:
"Well, that was tedious."

"I need some, get me some."

"It's this or cluedo."
"We are never playing that again."

"Skipping to the night that your dad was violently killed."

"There's some mutant super dog roaming the moors."

"I don't have friends."
"I wonder why."

"I need to go to my mind palace."

"Dead men get listened to."
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