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The Cape Review, Part 2

Gregor the previous owner of the cape escapes from jail in a flurry of dude sweat. Fleming and his mongrel race of minions continue plotting. Vince shows off his torso, put a shirt on dude. The brat son goes to a new school and everyone hates him, I care not. Vince still does not care about his wife.

Max talks too much. The back story of the cape is hinted at. Vince's ex-best friend Marty Voyt continues to be a sell out. Vince and Orwell argue. Gregor is a suck ass and has some hate for Max and Vince. Dana learns Vince wasn't Chess, sadly the first person she tells is Marty. Maybe there is a lot of lead in the Palm City water supply.

Dana and her boss get close. Besides not caring about his wife Vince has no reaction to Marty's double dealing or his misplaced trust in Marty. Gregor gets murderous. Vince is unconfrontational, weirdly wooden, sans excitement and sans interest. Gregor is too petulant. This was a failure of an ep. It is hinted that Orwell is the daughter of Peter Fleming. How old was he when he fathered her? 13? Vince pays a visit to his moron spawn in his The Cape get up, the son dosen't know it's his dad.

Vince has a cunning plan to get Scales to reveal that Chess and Peter Fleming were one and the same. It starts by informing Scales that Chess and Peter Fleming were one and the same. Scales large hams. Has Scales make up changed?

The carnival of crime plan another robbery. Vince insults Scales by saying he went to public school. Vince overlooks the fact that public school means something different in the UK than the USA. There's a fancy dress gala on a train. Fleming wears a white cowboy suit and looks like Boss Hogg. Marty is his Head of Security and Scales is in a bad mood.

Vince obsesses over his brat. The brat son will not shut up. Vince is childish and bickering with the carnies and Fleming. Scales rants, the carnies annoy, there's endless flashbacks, Fleming is face to face with Orwell but doesn't know her.

Scales tells everyone that Peter Fleming = Chess just like Vince hoped he would. The reaction is not what Vince wanted. Scales won't be Fleming's minion anymore. I have intense hostility for the brat and everyone else is repulsive.

We get Scales backstory. Vince and Fleming have to work together. Scales headbutts a cage open. Vince once again does not kill Fleming when he has the chance. Vince angsts, oh shut it. This was another failure of an ep.

Best Lines:
"You just made a big mistake. You just made me remember you."

"Fleming has lifted shamelessness to an art form."

"I look like an escaped mental patient."

"He's little but he's mean."

Fleming is stalked by Dice (Mena Suvari) a super villain he helped create. Fleming unveils his latest tech toy. The brat can't use a knife and fork properly, disrespects his mother and needs a slap. Max rants about fate and destiny. Fleming visits his doctor (Elliott Gould of 'Who?') who seems to know about Chess.

Dice has a wall o'crazy and is the best baddie The Cape has come up against. She's interesting. Vince learns to tightrope walk. Then he and Fleming exchange witty remakes. Dude he's standing right there unarmed, break his neck with your magic cape!

Dana continues her thankless plot arc as she made to look useless as her brat son rules the roost. This was good because Dice was great, it is hinted this was all meant to be and we get some interesting hints about the real nature of Peter Fleming and his Chess alter ego.

Best Lines:
"Any visits from our friend?"

"It's like she walks between the rain drops."

"The girls got a lot on her mind."
"Yeah, what's left of it."

Goggles and Hicks
Peter Fleming hires two weirdos to kill The Cape. Nobody comments on the fact that a guy is running around Palm City copying a comic book superhero. Flashbacks show the annoying brat ran the household long before Vince was disgraced.

Vince remembers his continuous corrosive anger toward Fleming. It dosen't stop him being dumb. Orwell tries to talk sense into Vince, she may as well talk to a tree and expect it to respond. Marty is made Chief of Police. The son is a surly brat and makes friends with another bratty bad child actor.

The two weirdos figure out who The Cape is and try to kill him. Dana finally cops on that Marty is maybe a bad guy and confronts him and is promptly ignored and belittled. Vince obsesses over his idiot spawn some more, dude what about your wife?!?

Orwell drops hints about her past. What became of her mother? The two weirdo hitmen make poor and stupid choices that render them not very employable as Vince gets punitive. This was good.
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