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Hawaii Five-0 2x01 Review


Steve sits in jail. His old boss Joe White (aka that gurning idiot from 'Lost') shows up. Wo Fat preens. Steve gets shanked by Hesse. Danno needs to shut up. The new governor (Richard T Jones) shows up. Kono sulks. Steve escapes jail, beats up a cop, walks off his stab wound, clears his name and has 5-0 brought back. All in a day's work for Steve the human swiss army knife.

The ankle biter CIA bimbo lurks and it seems bad finds bad as Wo Fat has a some what expected ally. 5-0 need to remember the phrase cave bestiam and step up their efforts to catch him. This was okay but how did Steve know where Max lives? Where was the footage from the governor's office stored? Why does Wo Fat come across as unscary and why does the man's face not move? Wo Fat irks me.

Best Line:
"I got shanked in prison Max."
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