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Reaper Season 1 Review, Eps 1 - 15

On his 21st birthday, slacker loser Sam learns his mother (Allison Hossack of 'Profit') sold his soul to the devil to save his sick father's life. So now Sam must work as Satan's bounty hunter. His friends help because it's cool. This is a good start to a doomed show. Ray Wise owns this, why was he not cast as satan on 'Supernatural'? I get 'Twin Peaks' flashbacks everytime I see him. Sam's brother Kyle is in this ep, yet soon he will be never be seen or mentioned again.

Best Lines:
"Sam didn't even go to college!"
"Yes he did Kyle."
"For a month!"
"And we're very proud of him for trying, it's just that college made him sleepy."

"Got chased by a pack of dogs, moved an air conditioner with my mind, oh and the devil tried to carjack me. So overall not a great day."

Sam must stop another escaped soul in this carbon copy of ep 1. The devil mocks him and Andi annoys me. This was okay the highlight of which was Sock's ninja attack excuse to explain the damage to the store.

Best Lines:
"Morning Linda Blair!"

All Mine
Sam, Ben and Sock must hunt a crazy stalker bug woman. The Sam/Andi miseryfest drags on. I never ever got the Andi thing. She annoys. I am more entertained by the Syed/Christian melodrama on 'Eastenders' as the stupid Syed ditches his boyfriend to live with the vile Amira.

Sam finds something unexpected in the latest devil box. This was mediocre with bad acting and Ray Wise looking orange.

What About Blob
Sam and the unbearable Andi continue their issues. Sam's dad burns a page from the contract. This was bad, Sam is written as bland and milquetoast.

Best Lines:
"Thank you for your concern about my mental health sir."

"I know some people."
"I know the devil, I think my people trump your people."

The devil keeps trying to corrupt Sam as he and his moron friends hunt more souls. This was good, mostly due to some effective unease in the body pit.

Love, Bullets and Blacktop
The trio need the help of their sleazy coworker Russ (Curtis Armstrong) to catch a wannabe Bonnie and Clyde. This was terrible.

The Cop
A soul kills people using his tattoos. Sock is tormented by a dream of Gladys. Sam is framed for murder and chased by a crazy cop (Mitch Pileggi, who over acts as always) This was good due to the twists.

Best Line:
"I'm gonna give you 10 seconds to get out of here before I beat your face with a phone book."

Ashes To Ashes
Sam and his buds meet Satan's girlfriend. Satan sports way too much fake tan. This was bland beyond words.

Best Lines:
"My conscience is clear."
"You don't have a conscience."

Sam dates Satan's daughter, Katie. Which considering season 2 = gross. People finally notice the trio's weird antics. This was bland. That was the main failing of the show, the writers didn't seem to care.

Hungry for Fame
Sock's mommy kicks him out. Jamie Kennedy of 'Scream' guest stars and he really cannot act. This was not good.

Sock, Ben and Sam move into an apartment and end up living next door to Steve and Tony, a pair of demons. The devil continues to manipulate Sam in ways Sam isn't even aware of. It turns out Sam isn't dating his half sister. Phew. This was good.

Acid Queen
How do souls keep escaping from hell? Andi is covered in the same fake bake tan as Ray Wise. Tony and Steve turn out to be plotting against the devil. Sam is recruited into the plot. This was okay.

Best Lines:
"My bail money is in my mom's dresser."

"You are special Sammy. The question is why are you so special?"

Sam is involved in a demon rebellion. Satan outwits the half wits. Sam learns he's been played, again. This was really good.

Coming To Grips
Andie finds out Sam's secret when she sees him reap a demon. Sam ends up owing satan a favour. This was good.
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