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Traveler Review Part 3

The Reunion
Jay and Kim reunite. Tyler gets drunk and has a one night stand due to daddy issues. Will hunts down the man who killed Maya. The FBI try to arrest Jay, Tyler goes for his gun and Will makes a dramatic entrance. This was the weakest ep of the show. Will's dramatic reunion with his 'friends' is impressive but how did he find them?

The Exchange
The final ever ep. Will, Jay and Tyler are back together. Guns are pointed and people get punched. The utterly unapologetic Will explains about Operation Hometown. This leads the trio to abduct Freed (Neal McDonough of 'Walking Tall')

Freed does a big bad speech and says that everything happened because of something called The Fourth Branch. He does not explain what that is only that Will, Jay and Tyler are all connected to it. Agent Marlowe learns some deep dark secrets. Kim is screwed over by Chalmers. Will, Jay and Tyler try to prove the truth and are left running with no hope. A dark downbeat yet fitting end to this show which I love.

This was good but Tyler has a brother? What is Will Traveler's real name? Who killed Freed? What will Marlowe do about Chalmers? What is The Fourth Branch? What is the deal with the painting? Are we supposed to accept that all 8 eps cover only a week? All this took place in one week?!?
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