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Book Review: The Mageborn Traitor

The Mageborn Traitor: Exiles Book Two by Melanie Rawn

This fantasy novel starts out well enough and then falls flat. I haven't read book one but was mostly able to catch up on what was going on. Three magical sisters - Glenin, Sarra and Cailet - who can't acknowledge each other have a decades long magical feud. This adversely affects the land of Lenfall.

This had promise but the 'good' characters - Sarra and Cailet and Sarra's husband - are such smug, whining, dumb, entitled jerkasses that I hate them all and Glenin's takedown of them at the cliffhanger ending is well deserved. The annoying characters made me dislike this book.

Book Three has never been written so the plot is all up in the air. No great loss.
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