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More Trailers! Trailers! Trailers!

True Blood promos
I saw various promos for almost all the eps and it looks fantastic. TPTB took the 'Sookie Stackhouse' novels and made rich, juicy looking tv out of it. Reminds me in tone of 'American Gothic. Okay the vampire fangs look a bit plastic and hokey, even the Hammer movies had more realistic fangs than that. But it has blood, the American Deep South, shapeshifters, vampires, a telepathic waitress, bars, magic, murder, lies, sex and a man breaking a pool cue to use as a stake. .

Twilight trailer
The book about a passive girl and her sparkly vampire boyfriend is for tweens, but the trailer actually made me want to see this movie. The tone reminded me of 'The Covenant' (but in a good way) and it looks good.

Quarantine trailer
A sad case of the trailer being better than the film. They really shouldn't have put the very final scene of the film in the trailer. Even if you haven't seen the film, you'll know which bit I mean. So much promise, so very little pay-off.

Watchmen trailer (new)
This puts the original dull trailer to shame. This was so cool, 'Watchmen' looks cold, dark and awesome.

Lost Season 5 promo (new)
Leaving aside the annoying music video motif, this looks good. Still no new shots of Richard, if they kill him off I'm out. Jack has shaved but why are he and Sayid brawling? So looking forward to season 5.

Dollhouse promo
Longer than the first promo I saw, it is somewhat better than that promo. But the concept is tinged with sleaze. Still this promo plays up the 'unwilling volunteer' angle of Echo and her companions and then there is the investigation in the Dollhouse setup angle. This promo manages to be okay and lame at the same time.

Friday the 13th trailer
Is there anything they won't remake?!? Jason and his trusty chainsaw are on the rampage at Camp Crystal Lake. Which is an error for obvious reasons. As 'Scream' so memorably reminded us, Jason wasn't the killer in the original 'Friday the 13th'. His mother was!
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