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Sherlock 2x01 Review :(

A Scandal In Belgravia

This was a bit of a let down. Moriarty is an annoying idiot who overacts and gurns. I don't care what his ring tone is. Irene Adler shows up and Sherlock ignores poor John to fawn over her. Granted there are cute jokes and a funny visit to a palace. Holmes and Watson brawl in the street. The Adler woman prances around with no clothes on and plots like she is Sydney in the original 'Melrose Place'.

Sherlock insults people and throws a baddie out the window. Poor John is overlooked. Irene Adler plays Sherlock. Mycroft annoys. The ending is WTF and where did all the subtext go? This was merely okay.

Best Lines:
"I was a solider. I killed people."

"I'll make you into shoes."

"We're not a couple."
"Yes you are."

"Try not to punch him."

"The right sleeve of an internet porn addict."

"A good coat and a short friend."

"I always hear Punch Me In The Face when you're speaking but it's usually subtext."
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