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CSI 11x01 Review

Shock Wave

A funeral is blown up. Nick mopes and I recall his days on 'Savannah'. Why is Sara back? Ray is in hospital being boring, the terrible Jekyll plot will not go away. Jim is ANGRY. Ray is OVERACTING. A member of the LVPD bomb squad is English.

The plot leads to militia types, one of whom is Jason McCann (Justin Bieber) who has a very fancy haircut. He has way too much product in his hair and is he wearing lipgloss? Nick is rude and he pants a lot and he shoots Jason's brother about a gazillion times. If Nick isn't a cop - why is he interrogating suspects?

Nick's an idiot, everyone misses the fact that the big name guest star is the real big bad. Oh and Ray is one kidney short now but he'll walk it off. This was okay underdeveloped plotlines and clunky dialogue aside.

Best Lines:
"Morphine clouds my thinking."

"Your next meal will be through a hole in a cell door."
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