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Movie Reviews: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor + I Walked With a Zombie

The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor (2008)

Well after two okay movies, a superior prequel and its inferior sequel comes this mess. Brendan Fraser looks tired and his character’s son Alex has grown up into a brat who needs a slap. Alex whines and there is bad CGI, yawns and tired jokes. This was crud.

I Walked With A Zombie (1943)

Betsy is a somewhat clueless nurse hired by the lurking Paul to come to Saint Sebastian and tend to his comatose wife Jessica. Betsy does endless narration about the estate, her boss and his half brother Wesley (James Ellison).

Jessica was struck by a tropical fever or was she and left catatonic. There is a scurrilous song about her and the feuding half brothers. The brother’s mother knows something. Betsy overlooks all this to fall for the horrible smug Paul. Jessica looks ethereal in a nightgown and there is talk of voodoo.

Is Jessica sick or did somebody do something to her? We get no clear answers instead people stare off into the middle distance. There is a depressing ending and naturally Jessica is blamed for everything. This was languid but okay.

Best Lines:
There’s no beauty here. Only death and decay.”

“Quite the Byronic character.”

“My wife is a mental case.”

“I’m not easily frightened.”
“That may be the pity of it.”
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