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Movie Review: Quarantine (2008)

I was so looking forward to this, only to be let down. Like 'The Strangers', this was a failure of a horror film. I wasn't scared, just annoyed at the idiot, screeching, trouble making moronic reporter Angela.

TV reporter Angela and her cameraman are covering the night shift at a fire house. They follow the crew on a callout and are confronted by ill old woman. So far, so routine? No, after the overly long, tedious 'comedy' that led up to this, it comes as a relief when the granny goes on a biting rampage against her rescuers. Soon people are bleeding, then foaming at the mouth and then the building is sealed up by the authorities. Soon it is clear the people trapped inside have been left to die of what seems like an extreme outbreak of rabies.

This could be scary except for the fact that the people trapped in the building are mostly argumentative idiots. One defiantly walks off only to get eaten by a rabid dog, a few insist on going off to investigate in the dark, people yell and shove, people with-hold important information, others make noise at inappropriate moments and another acts like her brain was surgically removed at birth. Why do people in horror movies have to be so stupid?

As the action builds up, rabid people run around but the jerky cam is so extreme the viewer can't tell who they are. The last two survivors run upstairs into the attic and learn the source of the outbreak and the reasons for the authorities extreme reaction. Now this is the sole truly unnerving segment of the film. The outbreak's source has been foreshadowed throughout the film but afterward, you do wonder. Were the other building occupants both deaf and lacking a sense of smell? Couldn't they hear or smell what was going on up there? Also the 'heroine' screams, wails, blubbers and acts like an idiot during the entire sequence so the ending isn't as creepy as it should be. This isn't scary except for the attic sequence and the extremely annoying Angela will put most viewers off.
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