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Book Reviews: Rules of Engagement + What Judgments Come

Star Trek The Original Series #32: Rules of Engagement by Peter Morwood

From 1990 comes this tale that reminded me of 'The Hunt For Red October'. Kirk and the Enterprise have to evacuate UFP diplomats from the planet Dekkanar. Then a new Klingon warship shows up and the Klingon captain requests asylum. But it is actually a long con.

This is a good story but the depiction of the Klingons is dated with bizarre references to Imperial race Klingons, human fusion Klingons and two languages. Still it is better than other old Trek novels like 'Death Count' or 'The Abode of Life' or the newer books like the awful first 5 novels in 'New Frontier'.

Best Lines:
"They had left enemies as well, dangerous enemies with long memories, in places and on planets that he had no intention of ever visiting again."

"Rooting armed enemy agents out of toilets was not one of the strange, new and interesting parts of the day's work that was mentioned in Starfleet cadet's orientation material."

Star Trek Vanguard: What Judgments Come by Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore

This 7th Vanguard novel is as crappy as the 4th and 5th were. It was all so boring. Reyes sits around moping, Ganz sits around plotting, Jetanien sits around not doing much and various other characters either talk too much, whine non-stop or poke super powerful Shedai with a stick.

This was utterly dull, I don't care who got shot, killed or exiled. There is only one Vanguard novel left and I can only hope that 'Storming Heaven' even though it has a fugly cover will have some of the mystery and promise shown in 'Harbinger', 'Summon The Thunder', 'Reap The Whirlwind' & 'Declassified'.
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