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Bones 3x01 Review

The Widow's Son In The Windshield

A skull is tossed off a bridge and smashes through the windshield of a reefer mobile. Bones whines over Zack being in Iraq and then she whines when he comes back. The skull turns out to have been gnawed on. Angela is married, something she forgot about and how can it be legal seeing as her husband didn't sign the license? She treats her marriage as a joke. Charming.

The skull belongs to a violin player. Bones annoys. Booth and Brennan make their way to a deserted bank/serial killer lair. They uncover a creepy suspect but learn he is only the apprentice to the real serial killer. Said serial killer somehow makes his way into and out of a jail without being seen. Everyone talks up this super serial killer. This was okay. This ep kicked off the Gormogon arc which was good and then the writer's strike caused it to come to a sudden end and then super serial killer everyone bigged up was dismissed as a loser and never named or mentioned again. Sigh.

Best Line:
"You think a cannibal is making a habit of tossing body parts off of overpasses into passing dump trucks?"
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