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After the Fall #14 + The Last Generation #1 Reviewed

Angel After The Fall #14

The extremely annoying Gunn puts a new plan into action. He makes Illyria revert to her/its true form. So now the monstrous Illyria decides to end existence. Gunn is pleased by this, someone needed to stake him several issues ago. Meanwhile Spike blathers, Angel blathers, Wesley continues to refuse to leave, the poor dragon is dead and no mention is made of Gwen's fate. This was an okay issue that continues to pile trouble on Angel and his gang. The artwork is hideous, which is standard for this title.

Star Trek The Next Generation Myriad Universes: The Last Generation #1

In this universe depicted in this comic, things went terribly wrong during the events of 'Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country'. War broke out, Earth was conquered by the Klingons and Starfleet lies in ruins. A resistance fights an underground battle against the Klingons while in deep space, the mythical last remaining Starfleet ship patrols space waiting for day that Earth can be liberated. This is an okay tale. However the artwork looks extremely 1980's and one wonders how Ro and Tasha Yar are on Earth.
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