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Tape Tale of 2000

Cleared out a tape from 2000. First up is a season 2 'Angel' ep 'Guise Will be Guise' in which Wesley blathers and pretends he is Angel. There is too much Wesley and unfunny comedy in this. Angel obsesses over Darla. The whole Darla/Connor plotline ruined this show. A shame cloud should have carried off Wesley long ago. As bad as 'Near Dark' this was. Then came an ep of 'Cleopatra 2525' called 'The Watch' in which people in silly outfits ran around doing silly stuff. This was boring, tracking issues aside.

Then came a 'Jack of All Trades' ep 'A Horse of a Different Color' in which Catherine The Great showed up looking for her stolen horse. There were way too many smutty horse jokes. This was soulless. Then came a two parter of 'The X Files' entitled 'Within/Without' in which aliens mess with Mulder, Scully broods, ugly new opening credits debut and the unemoting Doggett shows up. The ever useless Skinner mumbles, people blather at each other in corridors, Doggett annoys, people run around the desert and Gibson returns. I wasn't interested.

Finally there was a season 5 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' ep 'Fool For Love' in which Riley annoys, Dawn annoys and the abrasive Spike has unending flashbacks to his past as a human and then as a vampire killing slayers. There are bad wigs and accents and a slo-mo strut. How does a dead slayer's coat fit Spike? That's gross and another example of TPTB's fascistic enforcement of Spike love that he never took the damn thing off.
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