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Book Reviews: Magebane + A Thief In The Night

Magebane by Lee Arthur Chane

Chane is the pen-name of Edward Willett who wrote the wonderful 'Marseguro'. This is a good fantasy novel. In the kingdom of Evrenfels, the evil mage Lord Falk is plotting. Lord Falk plans to kill the heir to the kingdom, become king and destroy the Great Barrier that surrounds Evrenfels.

The Great Barrier has cut Evrenfels off from the rest of the world for 800 years after the Commoners rose up against the MageLords. Evrenfels was the MageLords bolthole. But there is one thing Falk never saw coming: an airship from the lands beyond sails over the Great Barrier.

In the lands beyond, MageLords and magic are but legend and an industrial revolution is underway. A culture clash of epic proportions is about to ensue. This is enjoyable with plenty of boo-hiss villlains, rants about social reform, a heroic prince, a maiden, a wicked witch and a fun romp all round.

A Thief In The Night by E.W. Hornung, part 1

This is another collection of tales about Raffles: cricket playing safe cracking blighter.

Out Of Paradise
Bunny gets moralising as Raffles exploits him to break into a house. Raffles ruins Bunny's chances with a love interest, Bunny whines. This is one long boring Bunny whine.

The Chest Of Silver
While Raffles goes on a trip to get away from the Albany where people are talking about him, Bunny takes care of a chest of stolen silver. This is okay.

The Rest Cure
Raffles and Bunny break into some guy's house to hang out for a rest cure. Then the homeowner arrives home early and finds Bunny wearing one of his wife's dresses. This is okay.

The Criminologists' Club
Bunny and Raffles are invited to dinner by a club whose members suspect Raffles of being the Swell Mobsman. This is okay.

The Field of Phillipi
Raffles and Bunny head back to their old school for Founder's Day and run into a mean old git classmate of Raffles. This was good.

Best Line:
"I had too much self respect and too little respect for Raffles, ever to be his friend."

A Bad Night
Bunny does a solo crib cracking. It does not go well. This was good.

to be continued
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