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Bones 2x16 Review

The Boneless Bride In The River

A woman's boneless body is found. Brennan is on holiday and hanging out with a goob named Sully (Eddie McClintock of 'Warehouse 13'). Sully has a truly horrible haircut, so bad I wouldn't have known it was McClintock if his name hadn't been in the credits.

The gang try to solve the murder of a mail order bride and how it ties into a minghun ceremony. There's gross mutterings about poison and protein residue. The mail order bride's would-be-hubby is a jackass and the solution to the murder is almost a throwaway as Brennan obsesses over the goob Sully. Zack lurks in the background, I'm just wondering if his serial killer apprenticeship has begun yet. This was okay.

Best Line:
"Dead people bone marriage thing."
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