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Movie Review: The Thaw (2009)

Okay so I missed 'Abduction', 'Contagion' and 'In Time' at the cinema so I'm left with this. Mad scientist Dr David Krupen (Val Kilmer aka fatman) finds something in the arctic. There is babble about 'global warming' and some self important students and Krupen's estranged daughter fly up to his base.

Evelyn Krupen is a waste of perfectly good oxygen. She annoys so much. I thought 'The Zombie Diaries' was the nadir of horror but no, this is. It seems Krupen dug up a frozen mammoth full of killer bugs and the bugs kill you in gross ways. BUG APOCALYPSE!

There is bad acting, vomiting, peeing, tantrums, people being jerks or having weird flat affect. Didn't 'The X Files' do this already in 'Ice'? This is meant to be an ecological disaster movie but it is just crap. It has scare chords and the worst chopping scene ever. Are there no gloves in the base? Why is the acting so bad? There is a vomit inducing scene involving a swarm of bugs but this isn't scary. However the end scene is effective. However avoid this.
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