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Sanctuary 3x03 + 3x04 Reviewed

Bank Job

Henry, Will, Kate and Magnus stage a bank heist. Where is Declan? It seems an abnormal egg has hatched inside a safety deposit box and taken up residence inside someone in the bank. Who could it be in? Maybe the obvious 'SG1' guest star?

I hate the split screen crap. How did no-one notice the egg goo all over the walls? Magnus puts on another fake accent. Magnus plans to go it alone as that worked so well with Kali, sigh. The cops show up and Kate lists her demands which include "Two tickets to the next Eddie Izzard show." Hee.

Magnus was a WW1 surgeon, but of course. There is bad acting. Magnus needs to be beaten with a chair, Kate is now less annoying than Magnus. A scummy ass jerk shows up to be a scummy ass jerk. There is an idiot ending, this was mediocre.

Best Lines:
"He killed his last girlfriend. Still haven't found all the pieces."

"You remind me of my nephew."
"Yeah. He's full of crap too"

Trail of Blood
Shut up Will, why does he hate Tesla? Tesla is in Colombia trapped in taffy. WHY do the TPTB hate his character? Kate annoys. Kate and big guy investigate the murder of an 'Orish' priest. Bugs run around. Magnus needs to shut up, it's always all about her isn't her?

There is a cabal lab. Magnus goes on one of her rants. There is overacting and this was crap. WTF was the murder plot all about? Why bring Telsa back as this pathetic dweeb?

Best Line:
"Stop you'll hurt yourself. I'm feeling far too tired to feign concern."
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