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Prison Break Season 4 Ep 11

Quiet Riot

Michael, Sucre, Mahone and Linc prepare to steal Scylla in scenes that reminded me of 'The A Team'. Sara sits on a bench. T-Bag and psycho spice Gretchen conspire to have Self and Trishanne killed. This was good and tense, it was as good as the highpoint of Season 2 which was the ep 'The Killing Box'. So many questions are left hanging in the cliff-hanger ending: why isn't Sara in on the heist? Is this it for Self and Trishanne? Why is Michael the sick one, the one to steal Scylla? And more importantly, how did Self know enough about GATE to plant Trishanne there? He knew about GATE before Michael and T-Bag. Mmmmmmmm.
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