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Stuff To Think On

'Stories For Nighttime And Some For The Day' is weird. Okay, but weird.

TPTB are remaking 'Starship Troopers'?! No. no, STOP!

I am reading 'ExHeroes'.

'The Cabin In The Woods' trailer
Morons on a road trip. One of them is Thor. Looks bog standard and then it gets interesting. This could be okay.

Best Lines:
"It's unworthy of global positioning."

"Getting back. That's your concern."

I watched 'Black Mirror: The National Anthem' - which was by the dude who gave us 'Dead Set'. It was a bit unclean. It did however have choice lines like: "We need to explain this without viewers sicking up their weetabix." and "We've placed visual aids in your eyeline which might help if you get into trouble."
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