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Movie Review: Dead & Buried (1981)

Potter's Bluff is a small, rotting seaside town where a gang of townsfolk stalk tourists, hitch-hikers and the lost and kill them in violent ways. A photographer learns this the hard way when he talks to a pretty girl (Lisa Blount of 'Profit') and fails to notice the murder posse creeping up on him.

Dan the local Sheriff is baffled by the deaths but is cheered by his hick friend (Robert Englund). Dan seems not to notice that Potter's Bluff is murky and that his 'friends' are cold and not present. The town mortician Dobbs is a right weirdo, Dan's wife is a liar and when Dan finally notices the miasma of decay that hangs over his town it is far, far too late.

When dead people show up alive again, Dan is suitably depressed and does confused face rubbing. The fog machine is cranked into over-drive and things get creepy. The ending is full blown weirdness as the horrific secret of Potter's Bluff is laid bare. This is enjoyable. The re-editing and studio ordered gore scenes are obvious but it is creepy and the ending is wonderfully bleak.

Best Lines:
"Just kills off the tourist trade."
"I didn't know we had a tourist trade."
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