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2002 Tape Tale

Cleared out a tape from 2002, the tracking was terrible and the picture was so bad I wasn't sure what was going on.

First up was an 'Andromeda' ep 'Home Fires' in which Dylan is his usual smug jerk self and he meets the genetic reincarnation of a dead character. Had promise but the obnoxious Dylan grates. Then came the season 6 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' ep 'Villains' in which Tara is dead and none of her unobservant friends notice. Willow goes bad and overacts. Xander is stupid. Andrew wallows in his badness but would get away scott free with everything. Warren is a terrible baddie and Willow kills him. Spike does boring stuff, this was utter crap.

Then came the season 3 'Angel' ep 'Double or Nothing' in which it turns out Gunn sold his soul for a truck 7 years ago. Angel broods. Cordelia is back to annoy and Wesley lurks. Are we supposed to be sorry for him? Because he brought it all on himself. Then came the season 4 'Charmed' ep 'We're off to See The Wizard' in which the Cole-is-The-Source plotline drags on. Nobody tries to help him. Paige annoys. Phoebe is pregnant, that wonderful plot line was swiftly dumped. A wizard (who was Quark on 'DS9' and Snyder on 'Buffy') lurks. There is too much talking. Phoebe had a thought, did it hurt?. There is overacting, Phoebe goes evil and she and Cole are crowned rulers of the underworld. This was boring. Why did I tape this stuff?!?!
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