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Book Review: Horrors Beyond

Horrors Beyond: Tales of Terrifying Realities edited by William Jones

The Eyes of Howard Curlix

A tabloid reporter is told a terrifying tale by a scientist. Very good.

Best Line:
"Would you, he asked, like to know of the connection between theoretical physics and an ancient, banned witch-book out of the 12th century?"

The Breach
A college science project has terrible consequences. This is intriguing and has novel potential.

Experiencing The Other
A UFO nut wants to look at a woman's ranch, where something from the stars planted itself long ago. Excellent and creepy.

Best Line:
"Assuming The Ones Who Come thought at all. She wasn't even sure what they thought with."

A Little Color In Your Cheeks
A sequel to Lovecraft's 'The Color Out Of Space' and focuses on the reservoir that was built over the blasted heath. Okay.

One Way Conversation
A scientist uncovers messages in tachyon's are being sent back in time. They're a warning. But the warning is not heeded. Okay.

The Hades Projection
NASA sent a mission to Persephone which has gone wrong. What you've never heard of the planet Persephone? Wonder why? Good.

False Containment
A corporation invents the perfect waste disposal or so they claim. Okay.

Imagine a world where an itunes expy has taken over the world. Okay.

Marines find something, good.

The Name of the Enemy
In the far future, humans wage war against a fearsome enemy. Good.
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