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Movie Reviews: Deuce Bigalow + Chameleon II: Death Match

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999)
Rob Schneider is an evil thing that has tormented cinema goers for years. This is crass, sexist and vulgar and I do not care. I just do not care. Deuce (Schneider) is a loser who gets a job minding the fish tank of Antoine (Oded Fehr). Naturally Deuce wrecks the $6000 fish tank and becomes a man-ho to pay to replace it. This was unfunny and he deals with a pimp, a customer nick named Jabba The Slut and a deranged cop (William Forsythe) tries to bust him. This was just terrible.

Chameleon II: Death Match (2000)
In 2159, a unified corporation rules the USA. Prosperity and crime are way up and the IBI fights crime. One IBI member is Kam who is 98% human and 2% animal. She has no fear or concern for morality which she demonstrates by pulling faces. Now she and a new partner must deal with a hostage situation. So Kam pulls more faces, there is bad blue screen and it looks cheap and early 90's. This was dumb and boring.
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