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Fringe Ep 8

The Equation

A child musical prodigy is abducted by a creepy woman. Ever so coincidently Peter plays the piano and conveniently there is a piano in the lab. Meanwhile in searching for clues, Walter ends up back in the nut house. Peter and the nut house overseer have a stand-off. Seeing as the nut house director is played by William Sadler (of 'Roswell' and 'Traveler'), he has to be a villain and not a concerned professional.

Meanwhile Ben the unfortunate child is hooked up to creepy woman's crazy machine as she wants him to finish a formula. How she knows about the formula or how she knew Ben knew about the formula is never explained. Creepy woman is in league with a man who may be Agent Loeb from 'In Which We Meet Mr Jones'. If that is Loeb, he's recovered from the parasite and having his breast bone cracked open really really quickly.

As for the formula. Loeb does something with it involving a safe, an apple and a rubber glove to the awe of creepy woman. He then kills creepy woman. What does the formula do? Did it teleport the apple out of the safe? Or did it enable Loeb to phase his hand into a locked safe and take the apple out? It wasn't real clear. This was an okay ep. The first 1/2 was better than the second 1/2. What are the Pattern doing? Are they building an army? And if so, why?
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