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Ringer 1x10 Review

That's What You Get For Trying To Kill Me

Bridget and Andrew get it on. Siobhan plays Tyler. What is she up to with him? Charlie aka John is an ex-cop and he's bad. Mary (Amber Benson) a stripper friend of Bridget's is killed because of Victor.

Henry is a tool. Victor tracks down the cop Macwi has bought. Juliet wears clubbing clothes to school and something may or may not have happened between her and Mr C. Is this a 'Wild Things' ripoff I detect?

Andrew and Bridget try to save Gemma from Charlie/John but are foiled by Henry the tool whose head is full of air bunnies. Siobhan returns to the USA. How, she has no money? What does she want Bridget to take the fall for? What became of Malcolm's job? Is Gemma dead? This was good, a real upswing in quality. Victor is finally interesting and not smug. Charlie/John's creeper ass is gone and I will keep watching.

Best Lines:
"She's my friend."
"Yeah, I'd hate to see how you treat your enemies."

"You're a glorified babysitter who got way too expensive."
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