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Forthcoming are reviews for '2012' and 'The Proposal'.

'The Dark Storm' was one of the most badly written, plain terrible books I've ever read. 'Fury' by Elizabeth Miles was a huge let down.

'Easy A' Quote:
"If there's one thing worse than chlamydia, it's Florida."

'The Darkest Hour'
Aliens invade in Moscow. Isn't this a 'Skyline' ripoff? Looks okay.

'Alcatraz' trailer
I'm not feeling this show.

'John Carter' trailer
Disney does Mars. And it's full of Jar Jar and 'Avatar' rip offs and looks crap. MAKE IT GO AWAY!

Made peppermint candy cupcakes. They're nice.

Lady Gaga's 'Marry The Night' video is cracked.

'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'
"I don't think anyone should have to do anything educational in school if they don't want to."

Anne MCaffrey is dead. RIP. But forget Pern, I love her 'The Planet Pirates' trilogy. One word: Thek.

'Fever Dream' Quotes:
"I keep telling you, that guy's not all there."
"I admit, he has his ways."

"He is my friend, even if he shows it in weird ways."

'Jawbreaker' Quotes:
"Smile pretty Courtney."

"This is high school...what is a friend anyway?"
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